I am a naturalist from Ohio who just wants to spread the scientific love!

I starting learning about communicating difficult scientific topics at my small university in Ashland, Ohio during my senior year and fell in love with the concept. It seemed the perfect balance for me. 1- talk about the things I love to 2- people who are super cool and 3- don’t need me to be a frickin’ genius (which I definitely, am not).

When I thought about all the times I saw brilliant scientists fail to connect with people in order to get their point across simply because they couldn’t read their audience, it presented me with a problem that I felt I had a solution to. I have always been interested in psychology; in reading people using the words they don’t say, not just the ones they do. Seeing unspoken cues, being aware of word choices, and anticipating the needs/desires/passions/turn offs of a group or individual has always been a fun and challenging adventure for me.

Knowing this passion in myself, I should have known that I would end up in a position where I work interpreting natural history for the public almost daily! In my work environment I see how important it is to read and connect with people during the process of helping them learn. Young and old, human beings crave community. We thirst to be seen and known and understood, and without that knowledge as a basis for sharing information, we stand in the same space but somehow still miss the target; we fail to connect.

This blog is a home for connection. My goal is always going to be to read what people need to hear, how they need to hear it, and to share without self consciousness. Sometimes I will miss the target, but I’m still learning, and I’ll always be passionate about helping others do the same!



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