Funny Bones and Barnacles: Misnomers and Misconceptions

There are many topics today, some big and some small, which are largely overlooked or not understood by the general public.  There are those that are misnamed like the funny bone which should be called the unfunny nerve, and others that are just misunderstood.  From the topic of global warming, to the reason a rock skips on the water, to the fact that barnacles are living organisms. Mostly it seems that scientists do not take the time to clarify potentially difficult topics, and that is why this blog is dedicated to the funny bones and barnacles of the world.

Among all of the scientific misconceptions I most enjoy the barnacle. If you asked 10 of your friends or family what a living barnacle looks like they might think you are tricking them, because many people do not think they are living at all.  You could show them the picture below and tell them the barnacle is a crustacean.  This means that these little immobile black and white guys are related to crabs, lobsters, and shrimp.  And my favorite barnacle fact: the barnacle has the longest penis in the animal kingdom with respect to its body size (can be more than 8 times the length of its body!).  If you watch the TV show “How I Met Your Mother” you will now understand Barney’s reference to himself as ‘the barnacle‘.

Follow this blog and learn more about the life of the barnacle as well as other misunderstood topics.

Living barnacles on a washed up coconut in Destin, Florida

Living barnacles on a washed up coconut in Destin, Florida